About us

About us

A qualified partner that has been dealing with industrial and naval electric systems for 30 years.
Today, G.E.M. operates both nationally and internationally with over 50 highly qualified partners who are assured a constant professional growth through a specific training program related to planning, technique, quality and safety.
Thanks to this the client feels safe in the hands of a partner who is highly competent in the planning and manufacturing of certified electric systems in naval and industrial environments as well as electric panels.

G.E.M.’s history started 30 years ago, in 1989, with four partners and a single client, Fincantieri, that at the time was entering a new field, cruise ship building.

Soon after, the newly acquired skills regarding naval and industrial systems brought G.E.M. new opportunities for development.
The company started new collaborations that implied hiring new professional figures in order to punctually meet the market requests.

Our strenghts

One business partner, several skills

and spot-on answers



Training and safety measures

Training and safety measures

Professional improvement is at the core of our services. That is why G.E.M. constantly invests
on the training of its technical and operative team.

  • Specific technical training courses (“Safety measures during service and construction activities”
    – “Atex training on electric installations and verifications in potentially explosive atmospheres”);
  • Training courses for PES (expert electrician) and PAV (careful electrician) operators who
    must perform online and offline interventions;
  • Training courses for forklift drivers (licence) – Industrial forklifts;
  • Training for welders (licence) UNI EN ISO 9606-1:2013;
  • Training course for working in confined spaces “Healthcare and safety measures for workers:
    closed and confined spaces”;
  • Training course for “Category III personal protective equipment (anti-fall). How to safely
    work on ladders and scaffoldings”;
  • Training course for “Work at height”;
  • Training course for “Mobile elevating work platforms (MEWP) both with and without stabilisers.
    How to operate them”

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