Electric systems

G.E.M. designs and manufactures industrial and naval electric systems both off-shore and on-board.
The company also performs restoration activities and instrumental inspections on electric systems
for industrial lighting, automation systems, healthcare units and medical areas, electrical systems
for video surveillance, smoke detection systems, Medium Voltage systems with dedicated tests together
with Data Centers systems.

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G.E.M. designs, manufactures and functionally inspects the electric
panels that are certified in compliance with their international
standards and regulations. The company develops panels for off-shore
and on-board electric systems that contain both power and control
electric equipments.
Every solution is custom-made, in order to fully meet the Client’s

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Customized solutions

In order to meet every specific Client need, G.E.M. manufactures
unifilar, functional systems, also for layout studies, through dedicated
applications and software. Furthermore, the company processes all the
technical documents necessary for the production of electric panels,
systems and their maintenance.

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G.E.M. Being qualified is our rule.

Today, G.E.M. operates both nationally and internationally with over 50 highly qualified partners who are assured a constant professional growth through a specific training program related to planning, technique, quality and safety. Thanks to this the client feels safe in the hands of a partner who is highly competent in the planning and manufacturing of certified electric systems in naval and industrial environments as well as electric panels.

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